Billie Bradfield

Billie Bradfield

From the Desk of the Right Worthy Associate Grand Conductress

What a journey I have under taken. I cannot begin to express how I felt about the honor that you, the Members have given to me.  Arizona, my home state has been wonderful to support me and my choices.  The Desert Stars have worked together and formed a club with membership across the entire world of OES.  I really get excited when I visit Chapters, attend the Grand Chapters and see our Desert Star pins being worn by Members.

I have been attending our General Grand Chapter Trustee Meetings in Washington, DC and learning more about the working of our Order.  We begin by working in our Chapters, then when we are lucky enough to serve our Grand Chapters, we then may have the opportunity to serve our General Grand Chapter.   We must begin in our Communities and work for the Good of the Order around the world.  What a joy and wonderful privilege it is to represent each of you, in these endeavors for the next few years.

I know that when each person joins the Order of the Eastern Star, we think it is only one or two nights a month to attend a meeting.  However, that changes as we each take on more responsibility in our Chapters.  I have learned that my time, now belongs to General Grand Chapter and I am lucky as Bob agreed and supports me in our decision to move forward to the office of Most Worthy Grand Matron. However, I am very active in my Chapters and participate when I can.

I have been very lucky this year in my choice of a Candidate for the Office of Right Worthy Grand Sentinel.  Brother Mike Berry, Past Grand Patron of Kentucky, currently serving as Right Worthy Grand Treasurer of the General Grand Chapter, has accepted my request.  He will be the Candidate in Orlando this November and we are looking forward to making future plans together.  We will have the Bluegrass State of Kentucky and the Cactus State of Arizona working together to build this Order.

Remember, if you believe in your dreams all you need is  faith, trust and a little Pixie Dust to succeed.






Robert and Billie Bradfield

Bob is Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Arizona F&AM and is our Past Grand Patron of Arizona OES.  Billie is Right Worthy Associate Grand Conductress and Past Grand Matron of Arizona, Order of the Eastern Star

Michael Berry, PGP Kentucky RWGT GGC

Candidate for Right Worthy Grand Sentinel

He’s worked his way through the Kentucky Derby Foundation ranks to become the longest-serving president in the history of the organization, and he recalls his first job there was as an events coordinator — a position he took in 1986. He is currently (2017) President and CEO of KDF.

  • Inducted into the DeMolay International Hall of Fame in 2012.
  • Trustee Emeritus General Grand Chapter

Quote: The Bible admonishes us that, “To whom much is given, much is required.” The challenge is not to let my job be the only contribution I make to the world. My church, the organizations I belong to, the boards I serve on and the other events I volunteer for, all make me a better leader by reminding me how to follow.

If you could be any age for a week, what would it be?

6 — playing outside until dark, watching cartoons on Saturday morning, going to the racetrack with my dad and eating hot dogs and poached eggs for breakfast at my grandparents’ house. I really did have a magical childhood!

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