Billie Bradfield

2015-2018 RWAGC & PGM Arizona

Club Minutes 4-25-2016

Hello Arizona Desert Star Members, April 25, 2016

We had a very well attended meeting on April 23 before Homecoming. Thanks to all who were able to attend and especially those who shared information with us. Thank you to the members that have made generous donations to the ADS account. Every donation helps us to fulfill our responsibilities.

Index card were handed out to start a list of who likes (and is good) at sewing, craft, programs, help at gatherings, computers, etc. If you were not able to attend, please e-mail me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know what you would like to do. The cards were a joy to read. We have many willing helpers for about anything that comes up and will continue to add members to our “helper” list. YEAH TEAM!!

We have two banquets to plan for in the next 2+ years. At Grand Chapter 2018, we will have an Honor Banquet for Sister Billie Bradfield, RWAGC. At General Grand Chapter, November 2018, we have the Arizona gathering (meal) to honor all of Arizona’s General Grand Chapter (Elected Officer and Appointed Committee) Members. We will be working with Arizona’s Triennial Committee to accomplish this event.

At each of these events, we have table decorations, table favors, nut cups, printed programs, and honor programs, plus “Star Power” to put it all out.

More information will be available at Send-Off in Pine on September 17th. This will be our next meeting. The meeting will probably be immediately following the Official Visit so plan to stay for a few minutes. I promise to keep it as short as possible.

The Southwest will be a theme for at least one of the banquets. So- think cactus, mountains, gorgeous sunset, etc. The saguaro is our most famous but we also have prickly pear, ocotillo, and barrel. This area has no limit to what we can create. God has given us much to work with.

Thanks again for your attendance and promises of help. We look forward to fantastic fellowship as we assist Sister Billie on her journey.

In Star Love,

Patricia Morris, PGM

President, Arizona Desert Stars