International Grand Representatives Association – What it is and Why you should join!

The Purpose of the Association shall be to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas beneficial to the Grand Representatives; to work for the good of the Order, bring love, happiness and enthusiasm to every Grand Jurisdiction recognized by General Grand Chapter.  To promote interest in our General Grand Chapter and to support its officers. 

Grand Chapters with commissioned Grand Representatives include the Provinces of Canada, Puerto Rico, United Grand Chapter of Australia, Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland, Grand Chapter of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Italy, Grand Chapter of New York, Grand Chapter of New Jersey and the United States with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. 

The application form for IGRA membership/dues can be found on the General Grand Chapter web page.

GGC, Forms, Contact Us, International Associations, International Grand Representatives. The dues are $5.00 every Triennum.  This also makes a nice gift for your counterpart. 

Past, Former and Current Grand Representatives in Arizona are encouraged to join both the State Club and IGRA.  In 2027, we (Arizona ) are the hosts and hostesses for the International Grand Representatives Association luncheon honoring Sister Billie and Brother Mike Berry. 

A Grand Representative appointment is very special!!!!  And most often a lifelong friendship is established. 

This 12 year (9 years left) IGRA appointment  was given to me by Sister Billie.   There will be lots of traveling, planning and enjoyment for the next 9 years.


Star Love,Molly Veile,

Second Vice President

International Grand Representatives Association

Grand Representative of Washington in Arizona